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Fine Art

There are hundreds of pieces of fine art in the RLS Museum’s permanent collection.  Some are personal materials which belonged to the Stevenson family, while others are homages to RLS or are simply related to his works or the areas in which he traveled.

Artists represented in the collection include: Thomas Hill, William Keith, Virgil Williams, Dora Norton Williams, Ernest Narjot, H. R. Bloomer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Arnold Genthe, Arthur Lemon, Lorenzo P. Latimer, Joseph D. Strong, Robert Alan Mowbray Stevenson, Yoshida Midori, Mervyne Peake, Wyatt Eaton, Gertrude Amidar, Robert Atkinson, Fred Aves, Allen Hutchinson, Gutzon Borglum, Gordon Browne, Mallete Dean, Valerian Gribayedoff, Mirando Haz, W. B. Hole, Everard Hopkins, Clarke Hutton, Frank Hyde, Kazuo Matsubara, Russell Meyers, Charles Passarelli, J. Rutherford Patrick, Charles Robert Patterson


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