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Stevenson Memorabilia

Personal Materials

This is a collection of hundreds of artifacts which were the personal belongings of Robert Louis Stevenson and his family. Included are a wide range of items, such as clothing, furniture, toys, the family silver, 12 family scrapbooks, fine art, etc. Highlights of these items include Stevenson’s grandfather’s grandfather clock, his wedding ring, his leaded toy soldiers, original portraits of Stevenson (including those by Ernest Narjot and Augustus Saint-Gaudens), Fanny’s Chinese embroidered coat (which she had been photographed in), Stevenson’s father’s cheese box (inspiration for a plot point in Treasure Island), the gloves Fanny “dishonestly confiscated” from Henry James, artwork by almost every member of the family, and Stevenson’s terrestrial globe, to name but a few.


Robert Louis Stevenson’s terrestrial globe. This globe sat on Stevenson’s desk in Samoa. 

Stevenson Family (c. 1883). Louis, Fanny, Lloyd, Thomas, and Margaret. 

Gloves belonging to author Henry James. James was a good friend of Stevenson and left these behind. 

Original pencil drawing of The Port of Edinburgh by Robert Louis Stevenson

Lock of hair from Robert Louis Stevenson. Stevenson was originally fair-haired as a child. 

Fanny and Lloyd pencil drawing by Belle Field. 

Rings given to Stevenson by Fanny and Belle. 

Associated Materials

This includes hundreds of objects, ranging from Stevenson’s lifetime to the present, which help interpret the Robert Louis Stevenson legacy. Reflected in this collection are hundreds of photographs and dozens of fine pieces of art by Stevenson family friends, as well as those depicting the California landscape circa 1880 and other places Stevenson resided. There are also hundreds of pieces of derivative artwork and pop-culture items based on Stevenson and his literary works (including book illustrations, posters, advertisements, calendars, games, etc.), objects from the cultures Stevenson experienced in his travels (such as grass mats, tapa cloth and kava bowls from Samoa), and commemorative materials (such as coins, bank notes, t-shirts, and stamps).


Poster for adaptation of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde    c. 1887

Original gouache illustration by Gordon Brown for Stevenson’s story The Beach of Falesa (1893)

Scale model of the abandoned mining cabin on Mt. St. Helena where Stevenson and Fanny honeymooned.

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